Friday digest (4.2.2021)

MBV to streaming or the Ecco2k for music of the week?

Hello, Friday, etc. I hope you’ve had a wonderful week. My update is that I am once again attempting to cultivate a sourdough starter. The secret is I think not using bleached flour (I didn’t realize my flour was bleached until yesterday so now I have to start over again). On the plus side, I’ve really perfected my sourdough discard crackers recipe: they’re dead ringers for the dark rye chips from the Gardetto’s mix. Here’s what else:

1. Tweet

2. Tough call but new Ecco2k for this week

PXE by Ecco2k (2021)

Saw a tweet that was like “liberal arts students deciding if they want to post the ecco2k or my bloody valentine reissues to their story” after I drafting this post I am not joking

3. New pasta shape just dropped

This new pasta shape is called cascatelli and it was invented by Dan Pashman and you can buy it here. I didn’t know new pasta shapes were being discovered still but science takes no days off.

It is optimized along the following three design axes:

  • Sauceability: How readily sauce adheres to the shape

  • Forkability: How easy it is to get the shape on your fork and keep it there

  • Toothsinkability: How satisfying it is to sink your teeth into it

4. April Fools Paper Preprints

I am 100% going to become the kind of out-of-touch old person who sends lame memes and posts to her friends/relatives, so I might as well practicing start now! For April Fools a bunch of researchers posted joke preprints (versions of papers that haven’t been accepted to journals yet) such as this one:

A full tweet thread of the good ones can be found here.

5. Interview with R.U. Sirius from Mondo 2000

Mondo 2000 was the original guerrilla zine funded entirely by some rich kid’s parents, except it covered all the cyberpunk hot topics: “fringe nootropics, cybernetics, hypertext, techno music, and teledildonics”. Document posted an interview with R.U.Sirius back in January that I just got around to reading: it’s terrific if you too have some weird anachronistic nostalgia for early hacker/open internet culture.

You can read some of the old issues here. I don’t want to mention that they relaunched in 2017 because the new material is decidedly not (cyber)punk and has something very “aging hippies complaining about the Cheeto in the Oval Office” about it. I’m forecasting that Adbusters will drop off in the next 5 years and reissue in another 30 and be the same kind of cringe.

6. Find of the week (fan submission)

Emily I hope you don’t mind but this is too good not to share: dude in a convertible driving around with his pet snake. Very California!!! Very cool!!

Yours fermentingly,