Friday digest (2.26.21)

I'm writing this last minute don't be mad

Hello, happy Friday, this post is going to be written at breakneck speed, because it’s already past 5pm and usually I draft these up over the course of the week and get them mostly finalized on Thursday to send out Friday afternoon and now look it’s Friday and I’ve barely looked at my weekly digest or really read any articles that I think are worth sharing. I will not be editing this post so ignore any typos or grammatical inconsistencies. But a resolution is a resolution and my devoted readers deserve the truth about my week! So without further ado:

1. Good tweet

2. New Blanck Mass album

In Ferneaux by Blanck Mass (2021)

Oh it’s so good. I had this date in my calendar as a whole-day event to remind me when the new album was coming out and it did not disappoint even though the album consists of just two 20 minute songs. Airy field recordings of what sounds like dishes clanking against pedestrians, contrasted with deep synthy house that makes my jaw clench like it did when I heard Rhesus Negative for the first time. Yeah, there’s some vacuum cleaner noises too. It’s a 10

3. Started reading Culture of Narcissism

Lasch is very mysterious to me because I keep seeing him championed simultaneously as ultra-progressive and a leftist ahead of his time as well as an ultra-reactionary with horribly pedantic and boring views, and so if that discrepancy isn’t enough to tempt you into getting down into the bottom of it I don’t know what is. I will report back in the coming weeks whether he is a pseud and/or whether I have been conned.

4. These beautiful glitch rugs by Faig Ahmed

Look at this. I wish I could put all of Faig’s rugs into one long post and just have the whole weekly update be “look at these rugs” but instead I will let you discover and marvel in awe on your own. Just a taste:

5. Utterly failed at making sourdough starter

I thought this would be like a funny and cute thing to do to celebrate the one-year anniversary of lockdowns with a nice sourdough loaf, because everyone I know including me got very bored of keeping their starter alive after a few weeks, but for a minute there we were all baking, and but so my new starter totally failed to even launch, despite regular feedings and precise measurements, which is maybe ironic or maybe just a bummer. Imagine instead that here I put a photograph of a nice loaf of bread that I baked.

6. I did a float tank and I’m sorry but I loved it

Okay this is maybe the best Valentine’s gift I’ve ever received: a one hour session in a sensory deprivation tank filled with body-temperature salty salty salty water, so salty you float, it’s dark, sounds are muffled, and you can’t tell if your eyes are open or closed except for by the sound they make when you blink. It was truly actually very blissful. I would love to justify this as my expensive hobby. Would recommend even if you don’t meditate because I would actually recommend to anyone any opportunity to get away from hyperstimuli of daily life.

7. Find of the week: MEATS

Three good things here in the little library: “MEATS”, The Return Of The Pink Panther VHS, and Tuffy not-a-stray.

“Tuffy lives in this neighborhood. He has several places he can call home, with food, water and a warm place to sleep. He comes and goes as he pleases (despite our desires). He likes to visit his friends and neighbors on our street. We are very fond of Tuffy and look for him every day.”

Yours procrastinatedly,