I’m Nataliya and I am howling from the margin. Currently a PhD student at Carnegie Mellon and the Max Planck Institute, studying how we can use vibration cues to make humans walk less bad (generally).

You might have seen me on my semi-professional pseudo-LinkedIn Twitter (@natrokh) making posts that get zero likes such as:

I write weekly Friday digests to summarize links I want to share/concepts to make my particular kind of science more palatable for a general audience, and sometimes write about bigger ideas such as grocery stores or chickens.

Mailing list?

My words, your mailbox, direct. No lag.


I spend a lot of time writing and not a lot of time thinking so I made a 2021 bet that if I made the writing public then I’ll probably have to spend more time thinking about it, which is a net gain for me.

Unfortunately in February 2021 my laptop suffered a massive crash and I lost most of my writing because I had accidentally overwritten my last back up. It was the worst day. But you can rest assured that whatever I write here is now going to be fresh content.

Why is your display picture the Hindenburg?

A picture book about the Hindenburg Disaster is the first book I remember reading. Some kids had an Egypt phase, or a Greek myths phase, or were really into Yu-Gi-Oh. I had a Hindenburg phase. I knew everything about it. I thought about that beautiful larger-than-life airship every day, halfway between morbid fascination and benign curiosity about how something so menacing could float its way over the Atlantic. My favorite poem about the Hindenburg is by Richard Brautigan.